Visit Baltimore

Local Attractions

There is plenty to do around Baltimore during your visit. Below find a list of activities which may interest you.

  • Take a trip to Sherkin Island to see the Abbey or spend the day at one of the beautiful sandy beaches
  • Take a trip to the Gaeltacht Island of Cape Clear

  • Do a sailing course

  • Whale & dolphin watching

  • Visit the Beacon at the entrance to Baltimore Harbour

  • Go scuba diving

  • Deep Sea Angling

  • Shore Fishing

  • River Fishing

  • The Glebe Amphitheatre

  • Go on the garden trail

  • Island tours on the ferries

  • Drive to the unique salt water lake and heritage site of Lough Ine 5 minutes away

  • Bring the children to the play ground

  • Go water skiing

  • Take a boat out to see the famous Fastnet Lighthouse

  • Bring the kids swimming in the Baltimore Harbour Hotel Leisure Centre

  • Browse through the myriad of art exhibitions

  • Visit the arts and crafts shop

  • Visit the heritage centre in Skibbereen and learn of its haunting famine history as well as fun marine and wildlife demonstrations for the kids

  • Go walking or hiking

Local Events

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